Townhouses Vs Condos

Living space

Why townhouses? A big reason to choose a townhouse is the living space. Many townhouses feature high ceilings or vaulted ceilings, more bedrooms and bathrooms, a bigger living room and dining room plus a single garage or double garage, balcony and fenced yard. Home owners enjoy BBQ in their balcony and building a garden in their backyard. 

Multi level floor plan

With the multi-level designs, the layouts of townhouses differ from condos. The main level of a townhouse offers a living room, dining room, kitchen and powder room; the upper level features 2 to 3 good sized bedrooms and bathrooms;  the basement contains a garage and attached by a yard and street level entrance. Family can perform daily activities in different zones.  


There are more closets and cabinets for storage.  Homeowners find it easier to organize and store their things in the storage room and garage.

Parking facilities

Townhouses offer varied parking options: single garage, side by side garage, tandem garage (2 cars parked end-to-end), 3-cars garage, carport or open parking. The newer townhouses have tandem garage or side by side garage. Selected townhouses offer 3-cars garage.

Fewer neighbors

Fewer residents in a townhouse community than in a condo/apartment building.  There’ll be less traffic and noises. 

Yard activities

The yard attached to the townhouse allows homeowners to enjoy more space for activities like barbecue, picnic, swings, sandboxes, inflatable pool, summer reading nook and gardening. 


Townhouses are generally priced less than condos by square foot when compared with the same type of construction, age and living area.